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Improvements in quality of life associated with insulin analogue therapies in people with type 2 diabetes: Results from the A1chieve observational study

Siddharth Shah, Alexey Zilov, Rachid Malek, Pradana Soewondo, Ole Bech and Leon Litwak

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Issue 3, Volume 94, pages 364 - 370

Received 20 September 2011, Revised 10 October 2011, Accepted 13 October 2011, Published online Nov-2011

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The authors would like to thank all investigators involved in the A1chieve study. The authors would like to thank Chunduo Shen of Novo Nordisk for providing statistical analyses. The authors would also like to thank Elizabeth Southey and Natalie Brooks of Watermeadow Medical for writing and editorial assistance, funded by Novo Nordisk.

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