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An observational non-interventional study of people with diabetes beginning or changed to insulin analogue therapy in non-Western countries: The A1chieve study

Philip Home, Nabil El Naggar, Mohammed Khamseh, Guillermo Gonzalez-Galvez, Chunduo Shen, Praful Chakkarwar and Wenying Yang

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Issue 3, Volume 94, pages 352 - 363

Received 20 September 2011, Revised 10 October 2011, Accepted 13 October 2011, Published online Nov-2011

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Conflict of interest

Philip Home or institutions with which he is associated receive funding from Novo Nordisk and other insulin manufacturers for his research, advisory and educational activities. Mohammed Khamseh is a speaker for Novo Nordisk. Guillermo Gonzalez-Galvez is a board member and speaker for Novo Nordisk. Praful Chakkarwar and Chunduo Shen are employed by Novo Nordisk. This study was sponsored by Novo Nordisk A/S Denmark. The sponsor took part in the development of the protocol, the process of data collection and analysis, funding of medical writing services, and in reviewing the manuscript, but not in participant selection, choice of therapies (study or otherwise), provision of therapies including insulin, or continuing clinical management of the participants.

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