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Insulin detemir in the management of type 2 diabetes in non-Western countries: Safety and effectiveness data from the A1chieve observational study

Alexey Zilov, Nabil El Naggar, Siddharth Shah, Chunduo Shen and Jihad Haddad

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 3, 101, pages 317 - 325

Received 24 December 2012, Revised 16 May 2013, Accepted 6 June 2013, Published online Oct-2013

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HRQoL scores improved significantly irrespective of prestudy therapy (p < 0.001). For all users of insulin detemir, the self-assessed VAS rating (0–100) increased by +14.3 points: +15.2 points in the insulin-naïve subgroup and +10.9 points for prior insulin users. Scores at baseline were similar for the overall cohort and in the insulin-naïve and prior insulin user subgroups (62.6, 62.1, and 64.3, respectively).

HRQoL scores at baseline varied between regions. South Asia and Russia reported the lowest scores of 55.4 and 56.0 points; North Africa, Latin America, and East Asia had baseline scores between 63.3 and 68.5 points; and the Middle East and Gulf region had the highest pre-study score of 71.2 points. HRQoL improved significantly by week 24 in all regions (p < 0.001). The degree of improvement in HRQoL varied from +22.4 points on the VAS scale in South Asia to +8.3 points in East Asia.

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