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The effectiveness and safety of beginning insulin aspart together with basal insulin in people with type 2 diabetes in non-Western nations: Results from the A1chieve observational study

Philip D. Home, Zafar A. Latif, Guillermo González-Gálvez, Vinay Prusty and Zanariah Hussein

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 3, 101, pages 326 - 332

Received 3 January 2013, Revised 15 May 2013, Accepted 6 June 2013, Published online Oct-2013

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6. Conflicts of interest

Philip Home has participated in advisory boards, received research support and has participated in educational activities supported by Novo Nordisk. Guillermo González-Gálvez has been a speaker and board member for Novo Nordisk. Vinay Prusty is an employee and shareholder of Novo Nordisk. Zanariah Hussein has participated in advisory boards and speakers’ bureaus and has received research support from Novo Nordisk. Zafar Latif has no competing interests to declare.

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