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Initiating or switching to biphasic insulin aspart 30 in type 2 diabetes patients from Algeria: a sub-analysis of the A1chieve study

Alkassem Lezzar, Fatima Ayad, Amine Dahaoui, Abdellah Salah-Mansour and Abdesselam Yahia Berrouiguet

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, pages S37 - S44

Published online Aug-2013

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To determine the safety and effectiveness of biphasic insulin aspart 30 (BIAsp 30) in Algerian patients with type 2 diabetes initiating insulin or switching from prior insulin therapy.


Insulin-naive and insulin-experienced patients, including prior basal insulin users, starting BIAsp 30 were evaluated in this sub-analysis of the 24-week, open-label, non-interventional A1chieve study. Clinical safety and effectiveness was evaluated as a part of routine clinical care.


A total of 134 insulin-naive patients initiating BIAsp 30 at a mean dose of 0.44±0.23 U/kg and 283 insulin-experienced patients, including 129 prior basal insulin users, switching from a mean pre-study insulin dose of 0.51±0.23U/kg to BIAsp 30 (0.54±0.20U/kg) were evaluated. At Week 24, the average BIAsp 30 dose was 0.60±0.25 U/kg and 0.66±0.24U/kg in insulin-naive and insulin-experienced patients, respectively. No serious adverse drug reactions were reported. From baseline to Week 24, the proportion of patients experiencing overall hypoglycaemia increased in the insulin-naive group (p = 0.0067) and no significant changes were reported in the insulin-experienced group including prior basal insulin users. Glucose control improved significantly in the insulin-experienced group (p < 0.001) and appeared to improve in the insulin-naive patients and prior basal insulin users as well. Body weight increased significantly in all patients (p < 0.001). Quality of life was positively impacted after 24 weeks of BIAsp 30 therapy.


Initiating or switching to BIAsp 30 therapy in this Algerian cohort was well-tolerated and significantly improved glucose control.

Keywords: Biphasic insulin aspart 30, Insulin-naive, Basal insulin, Algeria.

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