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Switching from biphasic human insulin 30 to biphasic insulin aspart 30 in type 2 diabetes is associated with improved glycaemic control and a positive safety profile: Results from the A1chieve study

Nabil K. El Naggar, Pradana Soewondo, Mohammad E. Khamseh, Jian-Wen Chen and Jihad Haddad

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 3, 98, pages 408 - 413

Published online Ara-2012

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Aims: This A1chieve® study subgroup analysis examined clinical safety and effectiveness of biphasic insulin aspart 30 (BIAsp30) ±OGLDs in 6323 individuals with T2D, switching from biphasic human insulin 30 (BHI30) ±OGLDs.

Methods: A1chieve was a 24-week, international, prospective, observational, multi-centre, open-label study in individuals with T2D starting treatment with BIAsp30, insulin detemir or insulin aspart as part of routine clinical care.

Results: Mean baseline (SD) dose BHI was 0.56 (0.25) IU/kg. BIAsp30 was initiated at 0.57 (0.25) U/kg; the daily dose was 0.62 (0.28)U/kg by Week 24. Switching from BHI30 to BIAsp30 was associated with significant mean reduction in HbA1c of 1.7% [−18 mmol/mol] (1.6) from a baseline of 9.1% [76 mmol/mol] (p<0.001); FPG and PPG were also significantly reduced (p<0.001). Major hypoglycaemic episodes decreased from 0.69 events/patient/year at baseline to 0.03 events/patient/year at Week 24. Minor hypoglycaemia decreased from 5.31 to 2.04 events/patient/year from baseline to study-end. Five serious adverse drug reactions (hypoglycaemia) were reported by five individuals (0.1%). Mean bodyweight increased by 0.1 (3.3)kg from baseline to 24 weeks. Improved self-reported quality of life was observed.

Conclusion: Switching from BHI30 to BIAsp30 in individuals with T2D is associated with improvement in glycaemic control and reduced rates of hypoglycaemia, without tolerability or safety issues.

Clinical trial registration:, NCT00869908.

Keywords: A1chieve, Biphasic human insulin, Biphasic insulin aspart 30, Non-interventional study, Type 2 diabetes.

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